You're Being Abused

The COVID era has been marked by Five Big Lies. Those are:

  1. 800,000 Americans have died from COVID
  2. The vaccines are universally safe and effective
  3. There are no effective early treatments
  4. Hospitals are filled with the unvaccinated
  5. Hospitals are filled with COVID patients
As if this wasn’t not enough, we are also being subjected to psychological manipulation by our governments and public institutions in an abusive cycle of lies and gaslighting virtually indistinguishable from those of any abusive human relationships.

The cycle of abuse ends with us becoming aware of what is happening and holding our abusers accountable for the suffering they have wrought and the pain they have inflicted.

The tide is turning. Are you ready to confront your abuser?

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Where can I get that wall poster, please?

Where can I get that wall poster, please?
I'm not sure about a wall poster, but the graphic is online here: It's downright chilling when it's all put together like this. I mean, it's Every. Single. Item. Checked. Off. Right there, done, case 100% made. Thanks for the analysis, Chris.

Yeah, I was needing to hear that. Not alone.
Shelley Winters’ character in The Gaslight was made to feel isolated. It’s torture.
Damned shame this is all deliberate. Travesty.
Brilliant approach to couch it in relationship psychology. Thanks again.

“The movie Songbird now looms large in my head: what precisely is the difference between what this film shows as the most ghastly dystopia and what Fauci himself is pushing now in the US Senate? I’m not sure I see much difference at all.
You are not supposed to see this movie. That’s the best reason to see it now.”


It is my intention to check my own behaviour. So far, so good, despite the raucous arguments in the household.


It begins with: In the end the truth will always be revealed.


Governments around the world are aware that countries with high vaccination rates saw a sharp increase in all-cause mortality for 2021, vs 2020. Their response is predictable: more mandates, more othering, more punishment for the unvaccinated. They know their policies are reducing their populations. And they want more of the same. They want to push all-cause mortality higher. This was planned out decades ago, by the Rockefeller and the Gates families, who decided they should be in charge of all the earth’s resources, and they should pick who lives and who dies. They know full well what they are doing. This is pure evil.


Dear Chris,
This video going through the signs of an abusive relationship was spot-on.
I’m afraid that those in denial will still not “see” it despite how obvious it seems to those of us who do.
My favorite part of this video is when you address viewers in the future. İt will be important for history to reflect our attempts to stop this abuse.
Xoxo ?


I tried to post behind the firewall and out in the open……Rejected….rejected….rejected.
Is it because it is a RUMBLE link?
Edit: Just stuck it in as an edit….and it stayed.


I struggled yesterday with a similar problem.


I think this comparison was inappropriate. I’ve been grateful for your data-driven analytical approach to issues that are treated too ideologically elsewhere. This is a far cry from that and plays on emotions the way those do whom you frequently call out. I anticipate you’ll receive a lot of praise from followers because you have an audience of folks who agree with you, but we all lose a little when these are the types of arguments that we allow to sway us.

I think this comparison was inappropriate.
Why? How?

2 amusing post titles this morning:

I laughed till it hurt.


Perhaps they never did.
The thing I am seeing in all of this is there is a portion of the population that no matter how solid the facts all that matters is the emotion/feelings. Being able to articulate how these government actions are abusive may be just the language that some need to hear to break them from the mass psychosis. This video gives us the talking points to make our case with the feeling arguments rather than another scientific paper, cause no matter how many scientific papers we bring to the table, lots of people aren’t interested.
I think you are correct that much of PP is very fact, science, numbers, data driven which is part of what is making all of us feel so disconnected.

He touches on several points Chris made and ones that I and others have made on this site recently. It’s excellent.


Thank you Chris! This helps me understand why I am feeling relief that I will soon be fired. My employer is exhibiting in some fashion most of these points. I will soon be free of it.


Were you ever in an abusive relationship? Those of us who have had this experience, resonate with this framing. It applies. As a nation, the US citizens have most definitely been abused. NO TREATMENTS FOR YOU!! (Because - I want to control you, and I want you scared, and I don’t care if you live or die. I just want what I want.). That’s abusive to the citizen.
A question: what does “inappropriate” mean?

I think this comparison was inappropriate.
Chris said something impolite? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? That's what "inappropriate" means to me. You appear to be saying that Chris is being a bit rude. That's not the same as him being wrong. When people are in long-term abusive relationships, it is often difficult for them to come to terms with all of it. "Was I really this easily fooled?" "This can't be right. He says he loves me!" Its hard, because 99% of people we deal with aren't narcissists. So our model for "how people work" is mostly right - but occasionally, it is spectacularly wrong. Wrestling with this whole situation ends up being one of those "Five Stages of Grief" processes. Reminder - they are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. You might ask yourself: "what stage am I in?" I encourage you to go read up on narcissism. If you haven't been in a relationship with one, count yourself as very fortunate! Then again - it seems as though there is a purpose for everything in life...

Hi THarrison,
For the first time since I joined PP, I feel really offended

because you have an audience of folks who agree with you
Really? Is that what you believe? Do you really think that we are some mindless drones in need for a leader? Ah, I'm in a good mood, I forgive you for this rather denegrating remark; it would be helpful to understand your point of view if you could elaborate a little be about why you think the comparison is inappropriate.

Great article.
I especially like this quote:

Covid is a replay of the 2008 global financial crisis but now the *rights to your body* are the asset that has been bundled and sold off to global investors.”
That is exactly what happened.   And this graph (state by state "new cases" over time) demonstrates the "efficacy" of the mass vaccination campaign.