When The Market Unravels There Will Be "No Place To Hide"

Did wonder…

A blue collar guy at heart, I am.
I will try to please the grammer police in the future.
I did not think sharing a few thoughts was a submission for underwriting.
Anyway ,like I said,I call it like I see it.
I have been wrong a few times …but mostly see and call the trend ,if nothing else.
As far as the conspiracy" brother",lifestyle?
Life is too short to question everything

We don’t have to question everything, just the motivations of the sociopaths among the elite who feel entitled/call/compelled to do evil sh!t Because Reasons (often, mere profit suffices, but “to save the world” is another goodie).
And for what it’s worth, proper punctuation and spelling and so forth is in my opinion a reasonable barometer of an individual’s mental hygiene. YMMV
May Fortune smile upon us all!
VIVA – Sager

I’m not going to knock your grammar. I understand not all of us are eloquent writers. Writing is a skill that requires constant exercise to strengthen and perfect. Your typical blue collar man as you profess to be will be excused for his lack of literary finesse. Plus it seems like you may be typing on a phone, I may be wrong.
MY TWO CENTS - I think what most of the responses you have had to your posts are hinting at is the thought process you laid out is rambling and unorganized, and not backed up by facts or even personal anecdotes that explain your beliefs and predictions.
And there are many rambling half sentences and concepts, not just a few shared thoughts.
Maybe I’m being a reductionist jerk here, but the things I really gleaned from your posts was:

  1. you will all comply to the narratives of mRNA vaccinations (or be arrested)
  2. inevitable police state, but you agree with 100% of all policing so “hurray for you” I guess
  3. a new, better digital way of money will happen
    If it was a more organized set of predictions and a little more succinct, we might be able to have a discussion or even a partial understanding of your sentiments.
    Anyways, try a little harder to present one or two ideas at a time and back them up with evidence or anecdote.
    Or you will need to buy an inflatable donut for your chair as you will continue to be ripped a new asshole every single time you post in the manner you already have…

Holy shoot. Haven’t laughed so hard in months!!!

This site has taught me to really evaluate my beliefs and even got me to dip a toe in the crypto pool. If someone is willing to listen as well as give their opinion they may find they learn something. If they want to just spout off random msm talking points in an incoherent manner they will not learn anything. Then again if they are just some AI designed to spout stuff on various internet sites they will continue to do so. Its what my applied AI would do if I set it up to do this and not process control!

Thank you securitygirl. I read that far too carelessly the first time (or maybe it was just he rather excellent chocolate chocolate chip ice cream I was eating and still am eating)
Pappy’s last one-sentence paragraph is a real doozy - definitely worthy of the belly ripping laugh it triggered on the second read.

intheor, hope this finds you well. Seems as though you’ve become a sandspur for some folks around here. Differing perspectives elicit differing comments. Differences of opinion are what make a forum interesting. Your thought about “Law is the only thing that makes a society work.” puzzled me.
I would respectfully disagree with you on this point. While the “law” is adhered to by many out of fear, it certainly “doesn’t make a society work.” We see our society in decline even as more laws are passed. For many, laws are made to be broken.
While perhaps most here don’t agree with or understand the concept of the God of the Bible, (because they haven’t read it or accepted it as truth) the New Testament teaches that a change of heart and mind is that which through the Holy Spirit tells us right from wrong, guides us, and creates within us the desire to do that which is right. There are several New Testament references to fulfillment of the law. Paul’s letter to the Romans chapter 13:9-11 expresses it well.
9 The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery; You shall not murder; You shall not steal; You shall not covet”; and any other commandment, are summed up in this word, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” 10 Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.”
I would submit to you that it is not laws that make a society work, but ultimately love. We need fewer laws, more love, and the desire to live righteous lives. I’m confident one may have love and live a righteous life without biblical truths, but how much better is it that one finds the reason for his or her love? Ergo the New Testament. Be well sir.

FYI and FWIW, I just finished Nicole Perlroth’s book, They Tell Me This Is How The World Ends. It’s a deep dive into the world of zero-day exploits (security holes in software) and I found it very insightful. We (humanity) have created another class of weapons waiting to be used or abused. There’s mad money involved too. I recommend the book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49247043-this-is-how-they-tell-me-the-world-ends

@Mpup wrote

I would submit to you that it is not laws that make a society work, but ultimately love. We need fewer laws, more love, and the desire to live righteous lives.
Your words, Mpup, made me think of Solzhenitsyn's thesis:
[I]f I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” ... And if I were called upon to identify briefly the principal trait of the entire 20th century, here too, I would be unable to find anything more precise and pithy than to repeat once again: “Men have forgotten God.” The failings of human consciousness, deprived of its divine dimension, have been a determining factor in all the major crimes of this century. ... Dostoevsky warned that “great events could come upon us and catch us intellectually unprepared.” This is precisely what has happened. And he predicted that “the world will be saved only after it has been possessed by the demon of evil.” Whether it really will be saved we shall have to wait and see: this will depend on our conscience, on our spiritual lucidity, on our individual and combined efforts in the face of catastrophic circumstances. But it has already come to pass that the demon of evil, like a whirlwind, triumphantly circles all five continents of the earth. We are witnesses to the devastation of the world...
-- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, his Templeton Prize speech, May 10, 1983 Source  

Pappy,my take on how folks react to another posters opinions,is this.
When a person presents ideas that differ from the main consensus,A (take down attempt)is what this person is presented with.Unfortunately.
It reminds me of the bully behaviors in grade school,so often found.
If this person , agrees with the main,he is found worthy and accepted into the club,so to say.Regardless of personal faults.
If not, he or she is ridiculed and belittled in all sorts of ways.
Its just how people are.
A situation that is unfortunate,if anything.
Pretty much ,telling,of the kind of folks one is dealing with.
I thank you ,for tolerating my grammar.As I said I am working on it.
I stated ,that I do not care if people get the jab.
At this point, my faith in the goodness of the majority of folks,has taken a large hit.
Concern for others,that are not as robustly healthy, is obviously not high on the list,for most.
The result?
A darwinian situation ,I believe.
Actually ,A test from God,is what this all could be.
Nothing in life,happens without a plan.
I have lived long enough to find this as truth.
Its just unfortunate ,we can not all work as one,at least for this (one chapter) of our lives.
But so be it.
Although,getting arrested for coughing directly on someone for spite,when obviously harboring a killer disease (to a subset of our population),IS warranted,at least in my book.
If you want to see what America can turn into, with out the rule of law?
Go to DADE county in Florida.
Without police,and the rule of law,society does not work.
Good folks have a hard time existing among the muck.
There is your personal anecdote.
As far as the crypto boom?
I lost a lot of money in the (bree X) scam,lost money in the (dot com)internet bubble ,did a bit better in the housing bubble,but still took it on the chin,to a point.
I owned Home Stake mining,a(large position),when out of nowhere,the government came along and without warning sold my position for me, out of some (imminent domain) type crap.
Crypto land?
No thanks.
Anyway,this may not be the forum of original thinkers ,I thought it was.
sorry again, if this all appears as a ramble.

As a person that served as an Alter Boy (Person), in the catholic church as a youth,
I see you have a kind heart.
That will serve you well in this life and in the next.
Yes,some are not perfect…I agree.
But,without a basic set of them,were doomed.
The over reach that many claim,and protest these days,imho,is just an excuse for getting their own personal wants and needs met ,without considering what that may do to others.
Covid lock down rules are difficult,but WERE needed to minimize damage of health and save lives.
Take blm.
Are there some bad cops?
But VERY few.
The broad brush painting of law enforcement,these days, is a major kick in the chin to those who risk everything,to give us all a workable world to raise a family in .
The few ,over zealous cops, for sure, should be rooted out.
When a person does not do EXACTLY as an officer tells them to do,in a confrontation with the law,both parties are at risk.
This is the problem.
Nobody talks about this in the blm issues.
The elephant in the room.
George Floyd was something different ,though.
But the disrespect I see to all law folks,makes me sick.
(some Lawyers excluded)
On Bible passages,many folks I find abuse this.
Not you,but many,even of those close to me.
I find,the picking and choosing ,and using of this book to shame others ,while entirely living a life, not in accord to the instructions of Jesus…is astounding.
Such as the preachers instructing their congregations to avoid the safe gaurds of Covid19.
Many folks (older),were then struck with the disease,suffered horribly and died.
Some of these same preachers died as well.
God trying to tell us something?
I will leave that one to you.

Hey intheor,
I’m sorry. I should not have attacked the way your message was delivered, especially when I agree with what I think you are saying.
Over the years here, I’ve seen members create new identities in order to express an opinion that is not popular in this community. Often, they will change their writing style in an effort to hide their true identity. I ASS-U-ME(d) that might be the case with you, but I’m probably wrong.
A decade ago, I took the name Captain Sheeple here in protest of the idea that the members of this community were smarter than the average Joe. My family and friends in my actual life have ignored all the frivolous theories, suspicions and fears that endlessly loop in conversation here, and they have done much better in life because of it.
Everyone wants to feel superior to someone else, and that is a real problem, both personally and communally. If your right hand hates your left hand, and your left hand hates your right hand, how is your body going to function?
Again, I’m sorry for bitching about your writing.

My hope for humanity just got a boost!

Why was our first world country,not at the top of this list?

It’s clear to me that there are only two possible things that will end this. First, Congress decides it’s going to curtail deficit spending. This could happen if the Congress and the Presidency are held by different parties and Congress smells blood. A huge crash would immediately follow, of course, and Congress would take some fire over such a move, but history shows that it’s the President that ends up taking the rap. Just ask Herbert Hoover. And the Congress knows that.
The other endpoint is reached when the currency becomes worthless. Which the dollar is in the process of doing. The price of lumber, for example, has tripled over the last 18 months. Everyone says “Oh, it’s a cyclical industry. Prices will eventually come back down.” Really? Why would they come back down if people are willing to buy lumber at the current prices? Clearly, all the recent financial largesse has bled out into the economy to some extent in order to support those prices. Those prices could stay here for years. Or rise, depending on the size of the next “stimulus” bill.
Real estate?. Ditto. I recently saw a homeowner reject a full-price offer for his property – something I have never seen before – and add $54,000 to his asking price. And immediately got it. Looked at cars lately? Forget dickering over the price. You’re paying full MSRP now, plus “dealer prep” fees, “document” fees, “license processing” fees, and, of course, taxes. OK, I can hear you now: “Yeahbut that’s because there’s a chip shortage so they’ve had to close some plants.” Uh huh, but it might be best not to hold your breath until those plants reopen. And even then, do you think the price of cars will come down?
The endgame begins when the costs of financing the federal deficit begins to outrun tax revenues. At that point, continued printing is necessary just to finance government operations such as Social Security/Medicare, Defense, and the various other 3-letter government departments. The situation is then mathematically hopeless.
In short, Central Banks are facing an insoluble dilemma: stop printing now, bond prices rise, and servicing the government debt skyrockets the next time the debt must be rolled over. In the real economy, prices crash as the easy money dries up, and there’s rioting in the streets.
Or keep printing, inflation kicks in in a big way, people can no longer afford basic necessities, and there’s rioting in the streets. It just takes longer to get there.
Historically, governments (and their central banks) have universally opted for the second course of action.

"The endgame begins when the costs of financing the federal deficit begins to outrun tax revenues"
I hate to break it to you but I think we passed that point a very long time ago. I think 10 years ago revenues were about 2.5 trillion and expenditures were around 4.5. Pretty sure its worse now. You'd have to go back a long way to find the time when revenues paid for government spending.

There is a small faction of the Davos Club that wants to maintain majority share of Earth in western control, whilst simultaneously squeezing the western “citadel” of all it’s remaining wealth. They want to have the cake, and eat it, too.
Plenty of the ownership class would be fine with China’s full spectrum dominance model, which they arguably have perfected. So our question should be: how do we instigate Divide & Conquer® amongst Club Davos?..Rather than getting into a pissing match with some foundling account on PP less than a week old?
If you’re new here, welcome. Please watch the Crash Course and read Prosper! before engaging too much with the community. I know you’re here to learn and there are resources here for those purposes. Respect that many of us have been mulling this crap over for decades, at least.
As for when the money will stop printing? The space agencies give you all the clues you need about whose going to be the prevailing hegemon in the 21st century.
The money stops printing when the press is physically and spiritually destroyed_
USD and GBP are the longest running fiat currencies in history…until the day after tomorrow.
Any Cyber-Pandemic investment ideas are still very much welcomed, thank you.

I hate to break it to you but I think we passed that point a very long time ago. I think 10 years ago revenues were about 2.5 trillion and expenditures were around 4.5.
Perhaps I did not express myself clearly.  The point of no return is reached when the cost of servicing the federal debt -- that is, the interest on the debt -- exceeds tax revenues.

Yes ,
I am new here.
I get the rating system,and its allure to all.
The" circle" movie,painted the picture,of a futuristic society…and I believe its here.
and it sucks.
I am not really into the (looking for Pats on the back)type discussion.
But if it works for you guys ,fine.
What I look for?
Just a good exchange of deep thoughts,with out all the power stuff.
Charts are good ,but they are often like articles,swayed by who ever provides the stats.
but enough of them from a variety of sources…tells the true picture of anything.
We are learning this with Covid.
Both the truth,and the politics,
in spades.
I personally look for trends,that build on each other.(Not from the trend Guy)
You all Know who he is.
What I see here is a good amount of intellect ,wasted with too much conspiracy,
Y2k any one?
In ten years,what we thought was So important,turns out,not so important.
As "REAL LIFE"passes us by,we have REAL regrets.
Are we Doing as Dr.Chris suggests?
Looking at whats important?,or losing ourselves in political/conspiracy
How about The important stuff.
Spouses,(good and Bad),Kids,Great!(only Bad if you screw it up)(and keep screwing it up),out of selfishness.
The way I see this present situation playing out is just like the 70’s
just like the 90’s
just like 2010
prices across the board increase by 30% roughly.
wages follow at about 5 years to catch up.(unfortunately)
Every time.Count on it.
With the exception of higher education.
That increases 4 fold.
Greedy smart people,or just greedy,in charge of that.
This is the only way inflation hits us.Its a decade thing,(or every other,decade thing.)
With deflation forever occurring in the (in between.)
All resolves itself in NEW,higher prices,and the game goes on.
The price of lumber, Will go down,but not back to pre- crisis levels.
It all works…
IF,the other countries in this game,allow us to continue to play the Petro - dollar game .
Lets hope they do not say,
“HEY!..your stock market supporting your dollar is all based on Crap!”
What happened to P E. ratios???
“Hell…we can play pump and Dump ourselves!”
This…is what is at hand right now.
How it ends?
Like every other time.
The world lets us continue,hopefully.
After a reaping.
A 401K,reaping.
United States of America,
Supplying the best structure to run a paper game.
Crash and Burn?
Crash ?
Yes.and recover.
Burn?Its different this time?
All world countries,still in the game.
I hope.
Do not get caught in the hype.
Gold,what the powers behind the powers hold.
again and again.